Crystals placed on Times Square New Year's Eve ball

STORY: Location: Times Square, New York

Times Square’s New Years Eve ball is getting a makeover

The Waterford crystal ball is having 192 of its 2688 crystal triangles replaced

[Tom Brennan, Master artisan / Waterford Crystal]

“Each and every year, a brand new theme, a brand new cut pattern. And this is actually one of the triangles here from this ball behind me. So I can't drop this because it's got to go up right here. And you can see these intertwining, beautiful love hearts on this cut on both sides designed by Irish craftsmen. And this is what's really special about this. And this is part of this brand new theme, the greatest gift, 'The Gift of Love'.”

On New Years Eve, the ball will descend from the top of One Times Square to mark the start of 2023

“1999 was year one (for Waterford Crystal ball installed). So this is 23 years of us (Waterford), celebrating with the world. You know what? It's awesome to think that in a couple of days from now, this Waterford ball drops and you are going to have over 1.2 billion people around the world watching this.”