Crystal clear waters of Canada's Great Lakes hold mysterious shipwrecks

Tobermory is a small harbour tucked into the shore of Lake Huron's massive and beautiful Georgian Bay. Mare than 20 historic shipwrecks from a long ago time lay on the bottom, inviting adventurous scuba divers to venture beneath the waves to explore them. Wooden steamships with massive boilers that propelled them over the lakes with their cargo were once commonly used to deliver food, building materials, and other products between cities and even between Canada and the United States of America. The five Great Lakes are among the largest bodies of fresh water in the world, created during the ice age when glaciers carved paths and left rivers and lakes behind when they melted. Lake Huron is situated on the Canada/U.S. border and it's northern shore is Georgian Bay, almost as large as the rest of the lake itself. The tiny, but picturesque town of Tobermory is a popular place to visit, especially for those who seek an opportunity to scuba dive in cold, but crystal clear conditions. The visibility is a blessing because there is a lot to see near Tobermory. This is where marine Fathom Five National Marine Park is located. Famous for the Flowerpot Island with it's unique structures towering high above the shore, land adventurers also flock to the area for sightseeing and pictures. The 420 million year old dolomite has been worn by the weather and waves to create mysterious caves and structures both above and beneath the water. But Fathom Five holds the allure that brings scuba divers from around the world to visit more than 20 old wrecks that have been surprisingly well preserved in the icy depths. Wooden beams, rudders, boilers and ship hardware are on the lake's bottom, just as they were when the wrecks came to rest after their destruction. A few of the wrecks have actually been placed intentionally to create interesting dive sites for exploration. Such is the case with this ship, the Caroline Rose which was built in the 1940s in Nova Scotia, Canada. Originally sunk by mishap, it was towed to its current location to make it accessible for scuba enthusiasts. A trip to Tobermory holds something for everyone. Summer scuba diving events are held by Float n' Flag Dive Centre in Burlington for those looking to investigate this area and the wonders it holds.