Cruz Posts Footage From Del Rio Bridge Accusing Biden of Causing Build-Up of Migrants

Ted Cruz visited Del Rio, Texas, on September 16, where the city’s mayor said more than 10,000 people, whom Cruz described as “illegal aliens”, had gathered under a bridge which separates the US from Mexico.

Bruno Lozano, the mayor of Del Rio, posted a video claiming that the migrants at the Del Rio bridge are predominantly from Haiti, adding that he believes there is “potential for a terrorist attack.”

Cruz blamed the administration of Joe Biden for a build-up of numbers of people, claiming that a decision to halt deportation flights led to an increase from 700-1,000 people being the area to more than 10,000.

“Joe Biden could end this tomorrow by simply following the law and reinstating deportation flights back,” Cruz said.

Reuters reported that food and water have become scarce as temperatures soared. Credit: Ted Cruz via Storyful

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