Cruise Ship Rescues Migrants Off Florida Coast

A Celebrity Beyond cruise ship rescued 19 migrants off the southern coast of Florida on Monday, January 2, a spokesperson for the company told local media.

Footage captured by Nathan Biller shows a migrant boat approaching the ship, which was reported to be on its return trip to Fort Lauderdale. Biller said he captured the footage at around 4:58 pm on Monday.

The ship’s captain, Kate McCue, said a crew member first spotted the vessel in the distance, and she turned the ship around on a reciprocal course to investigate.

The crew helped the migrants aboard the ship and provided them with blankets, clothing, food, and medical care, McCue said. The ship alerted the US Coast Guard and proceeded back to port.

Monroe County officials have reported a surge in the number of migrants landing on its coastline from December to January. Credit: Nathan Biller via Storyful

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