‘Cruel Summer’ Season 2 Adds Lexi Underwood in Recasting

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Lexi Underwood has joined the cast of “Cruel Summer” Season 2, TheWrap has learned.

Underwood will play Isabella, a role previously set to be played by Eloise Payet.

Season 2 of the Freeform anthology series is set in three separate timelines in the Y2K era.

Here’s the logline: “Set in an idyllic waterfront town in the Pacific Northwest, the next chapter of ‘Cruel Summer’ follows the rise and fall of an intense teenage friendship. Approaching the story from three different timelines surrounding Y2K, the season twists and turns as it tracks the early friendship between Megan, Isabella and Megan’s best friend Luke, the love triangle that blossomed, and the mystery that would impact all of their lives going forward.”

Isabella is “the daughter of foreign diplomats, who is spending a year as an exchange student with the Landry family. She quickly shakes up life in this small town, but her charm can’t hide the truth about her past or the real reason she came to live with the Landrys forever,” per Freeform.

The series also stars Sadie Stanley as Megan Landry, “a computer coder and honor student from a blue-collar family. Once Megan meets Isabella, she begins to live in the moment and embrace her true self. When events take a tragic turn, her long-held dreams are dashed, and she is left wondering who she can trust,” per the character description.

Griffin Gluck is playing Luke Chambers, “Megan’s lifelong best friend from a prominent family. Over time, Luke finds himself at a crossroads as he tries to establish his own place in the world, separate from the expectations of his powerful father,” Freeform previously shared.

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