'The Crown' season 6, episode 4, is dedicated to Victoria Stable. Here's why.

Imelda Saunton as Queen Elizabeth and Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in "The Crown" season six.
Imelda Saunton as Queen Elizabeth and Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in "The Crown" season six.Netflix
  • "The Crown" season six, episode four, is dedicated to Victoria Stable.

  • Stable was an archive producer who died earlier this year.

  • She worked on all six seasons of the Netflix series.

The first part of "The Crown" season six is now streaming on Netflix and depicts the events leading up to the death of Princess Diana, who is played by Elizabeth Debicki.

Episode four, "Aftermath," revolves around how the royal family reacted in the days following Diana's death.

As the episode ends, "The Crown" pays homage to another woman, Victoria Stable, with a message on-screen reading: "In Memoriam, Victoria Stable, 1955 - 2023."

Here's what you need to know about the dedication.

Who was Victoria Stable?

Victoria Stable worked on all six seasons of "The Crown" as an archive producer.

It was Stable's job to find footage of historical events that filmmakers couldn't reproduce themselves.

Stable explained her role in more detail on an episode of "The Crown: The Official Podcast" last year.

"An archive producer is really an experienced film researcher," she said. "I'm responsible for finding anything that has any copyright invested in it that doesn't belong to 'The Crown.' So, anything we haven't generated ourselves, be it sound or moving footage. I only do the moving footage."

Stable explained the lengths she went to in order to help the cast and recalled working with Khalid Abdalla, who plays Dodi Fayed in the series.

Stable said that there was not much footage available of Fayed speaking, but the actor found an image of him being interviewed in Canada.

"Long before he ever met Diana, he was in a court case in Toronto and you know, again, I was looking through old back copies of the Toronto Star and things like that," Stable said.

She added: "But anyway, there was this court case and the day he came out of court, I think he was just giving evidence or something, somebody interviewed him. There was only five seconds of him speaking, but we did find it."

Archive footage trade association Focal International paid tribute to Stable in an obituary published in May.

One colleague, Folu Merriman-Johnson, said: "Victoria and I worked together on the last season of The Crown, specifically on the accompanying 'Beneath the Crown' documentary series. Without her expert archive knowledge and her ability to find and provide footage, the series would not have been the same."

As well as "The Crown," Stable also worked on "Black Earth Rising," "Spitting Image," and "Crude Britannia."

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