'The Crown' Fans, You May Be Confused By This Season 6 Part 2 News

meg bellamy and ed mcvey as prince william and kate middleton in the second part of the crown’s final season
When Is Part 2 of 'The Crown' Season 6? Netflix

The Crown season 6 marks the final chapter of the hit Netflix drama. A fictionalized telling of the British Monarchy, the series began in 2016, starting with the late Queen Elizabeth's succession to the throne and tracing the royal family's lineage onward. It's all led up to the last installment, with Princess Diana's story closing out the show.

Penultimate episode four titled "Aftermath" follows 15-year-old William and 12-year-old Harry during Diana's funeral, which BBC reported had more than a million members of the public lining the funeral procession's route through central London to pay their respects. "Why are they crying for someone they never knew?" William asks Philip. He replies, "They’re not crying for her. They're crying for you."

Parting from tradition, the sixth season of The Crown looks quite different this time around. Netflix announced they will be splitting the show, directed by Peter Morgan, into two parts. To clear up the confusion, we rounded up all you need to know about The Crown season 6, part 2 episode release schedule.

As of November 16, season 6's first four episodes are currently available to stream on Netflix, and they depict the blossoming relationship between Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed until their fatal 1997 Paris car crash. Reprising her role as the late princess, Elizabeth Debicki said filming those moments was very "difficult."

"It was heavy and very manic, and incredibly invasive," she said in a press release. "You only have to be in a situation like that for about a minute before you realize this is completely unbearable. [But] we let it happen because it feels like a very important part of the story to tell."

As for the rest, folks will have to wait until December 14 to catch the final six episodes that close out the series once and for all. It'll shift gears from Princess Diana and pick up with a grieving Prince William as he embarks on his college years at the University of St. Andrews. It's then that he meets his future wife and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

Here's what you can pencil in:

  • Episode 1: "Persona Non Grata" - Airs November 16, 2023

  • Episode 2: "Two Photographs" - Airs November 16, 2023

  • Episode 3: "Dis-Moi Oui" - Airs November 16, 2023

  • Episode 4: "Aftermath" - Airs November 16, 2023

  • Episode 5 - Airs December 14, 2023

  • Episode 6 - Airs December 14, 2023

  • Episode 7 - Airs December 14, 2023

  • Episode 8 - Airs December 14, 2023

  • Episode 9 - Airs December 14, 2023

  • Episode 10 (series finale) - Airs December 14, 2023

The new season covers events from 1997 through 2005. Elizabeth reprises her role as Lady Di flanked by returning castmates Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth, Dominic West as Prince Charles, Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip, Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret and Khalid Abdalla as Dodi Al Fayed.

In part one of season six, Rufus Kampa plays Prince William and Fflyn Edwards plays Prince Harry. In part two, Ed McVey will play William, Luther Ford will play Harry and Meg Bellamy joins the cast as a young Kate.

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