The Crown fans freak out over ‘uncanny’ resemblance of Prince William actor Ed McVey

Fans of The Crown have been blown away by the resemblance between a young Prince William and the actor set to play him next.

In the forthcoming sixth season of Netflix’s hit royal drama, William will be played by Ed McVey.

McVey, 21, takes the reins from Senan West, who portrayed the royal as a teenager in the previous season.

One of the plotlines in season six of The Crown will depict the aftermath of Princess Diana’s death, and follows William during his university years at St Andrews in Scotland.

It was during this time that William met Kate Middleton, who would later become his wife. In the show, the future Princess of Wales will be played by Meg Bellamy.

Photos of William and Bellamy in costume on the set of the series have been published online, prompted fans to remark on the uncanny visual similarity between William and McVey.

“If there is one thing I can count on in this life is The Crown always nailing the casting,” one person commented.

“They must’ve gathered all of William’s fallen hair follicles [because] that man looks exactly like him,” another joked.

Bellamy and McVey on the set of ‘The Crown’ in St Andrews (Getty Images)
Bellamy and McVey on the set of ‘The Crown’ in St Andrews (Getty Images)

“‘How is the casting so good?’ Only so many genes on the island it can’t be that hard,” someone else joked.

“OK how did he steal his face like this,” another fan joked, while one Twitter user asked: “Where did the casting directors of The Crown manage to discover young William doppelgänger? The resemblance is uncanny.”

Not every casting announcement has received the same praise. Fans have previously raised eyebrows over the decision to have Dominic West portray the then-Prince Charles.

Earlier this year, it was reported that season six of The Crown will depict the infamous incident in which Prince Harry wore a Nazi uniform to a costume party.

The season will be the show’s last, with creators deciding against depicting the late Queen Elizabeth’s final years.

The Crown season six does not yet have a release date.