Crowds Gather to Watch Crane Reel in Huge Oarfish at Chilean Port

A large crowd of onlookers gathered on July 11 as fishermen in Arica, Chile, reeled in an enormous Oarfish.

Spectacular footage recorded by Ruben Luis Gonzalez Sanchez shows the huge catch being hooked at the head and transferred from the boat onto land.

Sanchez told Storyful that the boat carrying the fish arrived at Arica’s port at around 10 am on July 11, and crowds started to gather when the crane lifted out the large sea creature.

Local media reported that the fish measured “almost six meters” (19.6 feet).

The video, originally posted to Tiktok by Sanchez, went viral, with the footage tallying nearly 20 million views on the platform.

The Oarfish is seen as a bad omen for tsunamis and earthquakes in Japanese folklore. Credit: Ruben Luis Gonzalez Sanchez via Storyful

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