Crowds Gather in Washington to Watch Election Results

A crowd gathered in Washington to watch election results roll in on the night of Tuesday, November 3, local media reported.

This footage, posted by Twitter user @Akshobh, shows people congregating near Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington. The footage shows people dancing to music, gathering in the street, and some people sitting outside to watch news broadcasts on a large outdoor screen.

Joe Biden had secured 85 electoral votes and Donald Trump had secured 61 electoral votes as of around 8.30 pm, according to the New York Times. A total of 270 electoral votes were required to win.

Polling locations across the United States will close late into Tuesday night, but several states’ results will be delayed by mail-in ballots.

“Given the changes in voting methods this year, it may not be possible to declare a winner in a number of key states on election night,” The New York Times said. Credit: @Akshobh via Storyful

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