Can crowdfunding rebuild this Gaza bookstore?

"I've learned about it through a phone call that I received on my mobile, saying that the 'Heil' building, where my bookstore is, was hit by a strike. I received the phone call from my neighbor who informed me and I came immediately. Within 20 to 30 minutes I was here and found all this destruction, nothing I could save."

Shaban Esleem vows his commitment to rebuild his bookstore in Gaza is written in stone.

It was destroyed in an Israeli airstrike last week, but there may be hope to rebuild for him through crowdfunding.

An overseas supporter who saw Esleem's plight in the media set up a GoFundMe campaign to help him rebuild.

"I still don't understand why an educational place that is related to education... even my neighbours and the places above my bookstore are all educational stores, and language learning centres. There is nothing in these places against Palestinian law that can harm the Israeli side.""

Picking through the piles of stone he's collecting what books remain to keep as a remembrance, even those that are torn and burnt.

"The donations in Europe have reached $130,000, but I haven't got any of it yet and it may be difficult to get this amount of money into Gaza, that is the biggest problem with donations."

Israel says it tries to avoid civilian casualties in targeting militants, including warning when it's about to strike residential buildings that it alleges also has a military use.

One man who owned a business and an apartment in this bombed out building has placed a sign on the rubble summing up his despair.

It reads, "We had a dream here, and they killed it."

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