Crowd Push Apart Truck Trailers Blocking Bridge in Yangon

A crowd of people pushed apart two truck trailers that were blocking a bridge in Yangon, Myanmar, on February 22, clearing a path for traffic to flow into the city center.

Frontier Myanmar reported that two trailers with punctured tires had been positioned on the bridge to block traffic on a day of planned protests.

Thousands of people took part in anti-military protests across Myanmar on Monday, after two people were reported killed over the weekend in Mandalay. This was despite a statement from military officials warning that protests could lead to "the loss of life,” Frontier Myanmar said.

Monday’s protests were dubbed the “22222 Revolution," in reference to the date of February 22 and in an allusion to the “8888 Uprising,” a pro-democracy movement that peaked on August 8, 1988.

Footage here was livestreamed on Facebook and shows a crowd of people moving trucks on the Nga Moe Yeik Bridge. Credit: Min Min Tun via Storyful