Crowd Holds Epic Snowball Fight During Heavy Blizzard in Shandong, China

Crowds of people held a massive snowball fight at the University of Jinan, in Jinan City, Shandong, amid a heavy blizzard on November 7.

Yu Jiayi filmed this video that shows two teams of people starting the snowball fight on the university’s sports field. Yu told Storyful that students were very excited to see the snow.

“I don’t dare to get too close,” Yu wrote on their Weibo post that featured this video of the snowball fight.

The local meteorological bureau issued orange alerts for a blizzard, a cold wave and frozen streets on November 7. Jinan City ordered all kindergartens, primary and middle schools, to suspend classes on Monday due to blizzard conditions, according to China Daily. Credit: Yu Jiayi via Storyful

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