Critically endangered sea turtle and young scuba diver are at one

Cameron is a young, but seasoned scuba diver who has dipped his fins in the ocean in Galapagos Islands, Mexico, Cuba, Belize, Cayman Islands, and Canada. He has seen incredible marine life and he has experienced close up encounters with some of the world's rarest and most beautiful animals. This hawksbill sea turtle in Mexico has been one of his favourite interactions. Hawksbill sea turtles are a rare and special sight for underwater adventurers. Once hunted for their ornate shells, as well as for food, their numbers decreased drastically in the past century. They were captured for ornamental jewelry, hair clips, and ornate boxes. The banning of hunting and exportation of animals, and hawksbills in particular, has allowed the turtles to slowly increase their populations in recent years. This hawksbill is very relaxed with Cameron being near. He knows that a slow approach and non-threatening movements can create a sense of trust, or at least acceptance. He cautiously approached from the side and closed the distance over time to get a close look at this beauty. Over time, the turtle moved closer to him as well, obviously recognizing that Cameron meant no harm. Cameron was thrilled with this encounter and he imitated the movements of the turtle in an effort to "be at one" and also to put it at ease. The result was a prolonged swim with this critically endangered turtle and a memory that he will never forget. These turtles are beautiful as well as being beneficial to the reef. To lose them forever would be beyond tragic.

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