What crisis? Bentley cruises to record sales

These are supposed to be tough times for carmakers.

But it seems no one has told Bentley.

The luxury brand posted record sales for a second straight year on Thursday (January 6).

They rose almost a third to over 14,600 units.

That's a lot, when each one sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The global health crisis may actually have helped.

Luxury car sales have been growing fast as travel restrictions leave well-heeled consumers with more money to spend on goods instead.

Over the past year Bentley sales were up 39% in the Americas, and 40% in China.

High-end carmakers have also been better able to shrug off the shortage of computer chips.

With semiconductors in short supply, big automotive groups have prioritised their most lucrative products.

A unit of Volkswagen, Bentley has committed to going fully electric by 2030.

It says demand for new hybrid models was among the drivers behind the record results.

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