Cricket Ground Invaded by Fans as Event With 'Free-Flowing Pints' Condemned

Organizers of an event that saw 2,000 students invade the pitch following a cricket match between Birmingham Bears and Derbyshire Falcons on June 24 have condemned the scenes as “disgraceful.”

The Birmingham Mail reported that the company behind the event, with the unfortunate name of INVADES, had apologized for the scenes at Edgbaston Stadium in Birmingham.

A local reports said an online advertisement for the event saw the company promise students “free flowing pints” and a “Summer Day Party from the gods”.

A company statement read, “The actions and behaviour at Edgbaston last night were totally unacceptable. We are working with the Edgbaston team to investigate this isolated, one-off incident, and shall be issuing lifetime bans to all those identified.”

This footage was shot by cricket fan Waheed Saleem, who witnessed the scenes and posted a video of the event, writing, “Such hooliganism spoils the game for all fans.” Credit: Waheed Saleem via Storyful

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