Cricket Australia probes India player racism claims

Australia’s national cricket authority has issued an apology to the players from India, over allegations that fans in the crowd hurled racist abuse at them.

The Indian team lodged an official complaint after day three of the test match on Saturday after two players, Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Siraj complained of hearing racist slurs while fielding near the spectators.

Six people were then ejected from the ground once the issue had been raised with umpires.

Another player, Ravi Ashwin, says this isn’t the first time such incidents have happened in Australia.

“This time they've actually gone a step higher and they shout abuses and like we already mentioned there was an official complaint yesterday and the umpires also mentioned that we must react more decisively as it happens on the field.”

Justin Langer is the Head Coach of the Australia cricket team:

“I’ve said for years, one of my greatest pet hates in life that people think they can come to a sporting event, whether it's cricket or any code, and pay their money and think they can abuse or say whatever they like. I hated it as a player, I hate it as a coach.”

Cricket Australia announced it is working with New South Wales Police to investigate the matter further and promised to take the "strongest measures" against anyone found guilty.