Crews Tackle Fire in San Bernardino Forest as California Wildfire Season Kicks Off

Efforts to extinguish a wildfire San Bernardino County, California, continued on Saturday, April 29, as the first wildfire of the season burned in the state, local media reported.

Footage published by the Fire Integrated Real Time Intelligence System (FIRIS) shows smoke blowing from the Nob Fire in San Bernardino National Forest on April 26.

According to official reports, the blaze posed no immediate threat to populated areas as it burned steep terrain deep in the forest. Its cause was under investigation.

By Friday night, the fire was 49 percent contained and burned 227 acres, forest officials said. Credit: FIRIS via Storyful

Video transcript

- OES Intel 24 April 26, 2023. At 1249. Hours this is the Knob incident on the San Bernardino National Forest. Currently 135 acres. Looking at the heel here. We'll zoom in a little bit at the heel. You can see there out of the wash that's Lytle Creek Road. You can see there we're going to work our way up the left flank. I see some aircraft, helicopters working there. All the aircraft have been working the left flank. They've got retardant.

About 3/4 of the way down it will switch to sweer here, then get out of the smoke column. And you can see it as it's poking around up through there. It's just finding fuel and running up. It's making a pretty good run up by the right shoulder up there. Again, just a bit. You can see it and we'll work our way back down the right flank. And we'll switch back into color here. That is Forest Road 3, November, 06 Alpha on the right flank there that you can see. And the fire is currently 2.6 miles northeast of the Mount Baldy ski area in the video.