Crews Begin Clearing 'Monster' Landslide in Alaska

Crews used heavy machinery to clear a landslide in Seward, Alaska, on May 9, officials said.

Footage released by the City of Seward Clerk’s Office shows a Metco Alaska excavator working on the scene on Monday morning, the office said, noting the situation was “tenuous at best”. It was the first day of road-clearing work since the landslide on May 7.

“As they create a ramp for the excavator to move higher up the slide, they are keeping a trench between the rig and the mountainside for debris to fall into. The area remains very unstable, as you can see,” the office wrote on Facebook.

The city said “good progress” was made on the landslide Monday.

Virtual assessments suggested crews would need to clear “well over” 40,000 cubic yards of debris from the “monster” landslide, public information officer Brenda Ballou said to local media.

Officials estimated a “couple hundred” people living or camping in Lowell Point were cut off by the landslide. Water taxis were running supplies to the cut-off area, according to reports. Credit: City of Seward Clerk’s Office via Storyful

Video transcript


- Yep. Yep. That cluster of trees in the middle is rocking in the wind a little bit. And see, there's-- I just saw more rocks come down on the upper left there. They're not huge boulders but it's active for sure.

- We had all day yesterday too.

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