Crematoriums work round the clock as COVID-19 deaths spike in India

Furnaces are burning round-the-clock at crematoriums across India to cope with the record number of COVID-19 victims. On Friday, India recorded 332,730 coronavirus cases, the highest one-day tally anywhere in the world for the second consecutive day, according to the BBC. Daily deaths from COVID-19 rose by a record 2,263 in the previous 24 hours. A facility at Kudlu Gate in Bangalore cremated 42 coronavirus patients on April 20, ten times the number it usually handles. The rush to cremate led to a mile-long queue of ambulances each carrying a deceased inside. The line up led to a conflict with local residents, who, fearful of their own safety, tried to evict the ambulances which were parked in front of their homes. Video filmed on April 21 at the facility shows a long line of ambulances outside the crematorium. Officials allotted time slots for ambulances and allowed only 10 to 15 vehicles inside at a time. “Ambulances now come only when it is their time. While the crowd has been managed we have been working without proper rest for many days now. It takes two hours to cremate a deceased,” said an employee.