These creepy Malaysian men couldn’t stop harassing two women on a picnic (Video)

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Two Malaysian women were having a picnic at a park in Kuala Lumpur recently when two men were filmed harassing them.

The men refused to leave them alone and kept asking to be friends, according to one of the women, who filmed parts of what happened at the park near the Sungai Bonus housing estate and uploaded the video to TikTok to nearly two million views after their escape. A police report has been filed.

“I was filming myself when a random guy came over and harassed us,” the video caption by TikTok user Nrkhaizatull said Saturday. It is not clear when the incident took place, which involved the men pestering both women for their mobile numbers and home addresses, she said.

The man in red stopped by first with a kid and later returned with a friend, according to the TikTok user, who described feeling “terrified” over the encounter with the unwelcome visitors.

“Don’t be afraid… don’t be shy,” both men said in the video. “We just want to be friends with you, is it so bad?”

“I’ll stop bothering you when you give me your phone number,” the man in red added.

Her friend reluctantly gave the men her boyfriend’s mobile number so that they would leave. The men were apparently still lingering in the area when both women managed to avoid them and escape on foot, according to the video.

“Actually, they were waiting for us at the park’s exit. We were terrified so we took a different route. They tried to follow us, thankfully, we ran away,” the video caption said.

The woman also said that they were afraid to leave earlier in case the men followed them.

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