Creepy CNY mannequin removed from KL shopping mall after spooking shoppers and amusing online users

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 18 — As Chinese New Year approaches, it is a common sight to see mannequins among other decorations to get shoppers in the festive mood.

However, an eerie mannequin scared shoppers into thinking it was Hungry Ghost Festival instead. It has since been removed from the entrance of the Kuala Lumpur shopping mall.

In a viral Facebook video posted by user Chan Fong on Monday (Jan 16), the mannequin was spotted as Chan entered the mall, praising the Chinese New Year decorations.

Fong then laughed when he noticed a female mannequin wearing a green cheongsam that was spookily lit from the bottom.

Although the mannequin looked unassuming when brightly lit, it was the lower lighting that caused it to appear right out of a horror movie.

Online users were amused at the weird-looking mannequin but were disappointed to find it removed from the mall’s entrance yesterday.

The reason behind its choice of lighting or why it was removed remains unknown.

“The dolls could change costumes and be used again for Halloween!” one user commented.

“I thought Hungry Ghost month was in August?” another user wrote.

“Wanted to go see it again but the models were scared away.” one user joked.

Malay Mail reached out to the shopping mall for a statement but received no response.