Creeped out: Some Instagram users roast Clinique for its latest "ínclusive” NFT campaign, demand real-world inclusivity (VIDEO)

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

PETALING JAYA, June 10 — Beauty brand Clinique’s latest NFT, aimed at promoting diversity in the metaverse, has left some makeup fans bewildered.

On Wednesday, the brand announced its “Metaverse More Like Us” makeup NFT campaign, which “challenges unrealistic beauty standards and champions individuality”.

Others were apparently “creeped out” by the highly realistic 3D models showcased in the campaign.

Clinique’s campaign sees three makeup influencers — celebrity makeup artist Sheika Daley, transgender TikTok star Emira D’spain, and disabled makeup artist Tess Daly — creating looks for non-fungible people (NFPs) or avatars.

These looks will be rolled out to 1,968 randomly selected avatars on software company Daz 3D’s virtual world every month from July onwards.

“In the Metaverse, as it stands today, only 20 per cent of users and creators are women, less than 16 per cent of all NFT artists are female, and NFTs with avatars of colour and disability are valued lower than white avatars,” said the brand in a press release.

“In addition, the ‘Metaverse More Like Us’ campaign directly addresses the lack of diverse avatars and the marginalization that currently exists in the digital world.”

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