Creating a Minimalist Bedroom Design in 3 Easy Steps with Room Inspo Examples Provided

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The minimalist bedroom design is a trend that has endured, and the demand for elegant, uncluttered living situations remains unlikely to go away. Over the years, similar iterations such as Scandinavian, Japanese (aka ‘MUJI’-inspired), and ‘Japandi’ designs have emerged.

Minimalism is both an aesthetic concept and a way of life. Achieving a minimalist bedroom can be easy if you understand the concept’s design principles. If you would like to do a mini-home makeover and create a minimalist bedroom, here are some tips you can use.

How Minimalist Interior Design Can Benefit Your Home

Aside from being visually appealing, minimalist interior designs are functional, nondescript and clean. Singles over 35 who have bought a 2-room HDB BTO flat and newlyweds who have purchased a smaller apartment might want to renovate with a minimalist design. With this aesthetic, smaller HDB flats can look and feel more spacious.

For reference, here are HDB sizes in Singapore.

HDB Flat Type

Size (sq m)

Size (sq ft)

2-Room Flexi

36 or 45

387.5 or 484.4


60 or 65

645.8 or 699.6










Executive Flat



Those who want to keep HDB BTO renovation costs low can also benefit from a minimalist home design concept. Ultimately, minimalism is about intentional living; you only buy things you need. The result is that you consume less, generate less waste and become more eco-friendly. Go the extra mile by only choosing high-quality, vintage, secondhand furniture for your home.

Step-by-step Guide to Creating a Minimalist Bedroom

1. Choose a Colour Scheme with Minimal Colours

A quick Google search of ‘minimalist bedroom designs’ mostly throws up all-white rooms. However, you can still incorporate colour into a minimalist bedroom aesthetic. Keep your room’s palette simple and limited.

Lighter shades reflect more natural light to help your space look more spacious and airy. Use colours to accent and ensure the colours you pick are complementary.

2. Pick Your Bed First

Before you begin, you need to measure the size of your room and pick your bed first. As most furniture will be oriented around the bed, your bed’s position and dimensions will determine what and how much furniture you can fit into your room. Here are the standard measurements of the different mattress sizes:

Bed Type

Dimensions (cm)


91 x 190

Super Single

107 x 190


152 x 190


182 x 190

A queen-sized mattress has become the most popular option for both couples and singles. The reason being couples can fit a queen-sized bed into smaller master bedrooms, and singles enjoy sleeping alone in a large spacious bed. Those who favour more personal sleeping space can go for a king-sized bed.

Whether you choose a queen-sized or king-sized bed, consider the width of your headboard and bed frame. You don’t want to buy a mattress and bedframe only to realise you’re left with no walking space or room to open your closet.

3. Declutter and Clear Floor Space

Another hallmark of minimalist bedroom designs is to keep your surfaces clear and your architectural and furniture silhouettes clean. To do so, you should ideally declutter and only have what you need.

If not, you can ensure you have ample storage space to hide items from view. Think built-in carpentry, storage beds and closed shelving.

Examples of Minimalist Bedroom Designs

If you need design inspiration, check out how these homeowners have designed their bedroom. Do note these room design examples are taken from listings on the PropertyGuru website. Due to the nature of live listings, these links may be taken down once the property is sold.

1. Have a Light, Neutral Template to Bring Light into Your Room


The design for this common room located at 314B Punggol Way uses white walls and pale wood details to bring more light into the room. Using similar floor and furnishing materials is a subtle way to lend visual interest.

2. Use One Colour in Varying Shades for Muted Contrast


For those who favour muted colours, pay heed to this master bedroom in 475A Upper Serangoon Crescent. Instead of using stark blacks and whites, browns of varying shades are employed to create soft contrast. This way, the room appears more inviting and cosy.

3. Create an Accent Wall with Wallpaper


Instead of painting their accent wall a different colour, the owners of this Hougang home used marble panelling. Textures are introduced to the room without disrupting the white-on-white theme. The bedside lamp adds a cheeky pop of colour, which gives the room more personality. For those looking for a more wallet-friendly option, choose patterned wallpaper.

4. Add Personal Touches with Statement Furniture


This all-white bedroom is the image that would come to mind when most think of minimalist bedroom designs. But the homeowner of this 3-room flat at Selegie Road has lent their room a personalised touch with an interesting bedside light fixture, plants and patterned bedsheets.

5. Use Storage as Partitions to Lend Depth to Your Room


The homeowner of this 4-room flat at Punggol Driveopted for tatami mats and a futon mattress instead of a bed. Note how the raised platform and the built-in cupboard work together to lend depth to the room. Plus, the cupboard’s placement allows the furniture to double up as a partition and storage unit.

Guide To Creating A Minimalist Bedroom

Using clean lines, natural textures, and monochromatic or limited, neutral colour schemes, you can achieve a minimalist bedroom design. While most minimalist bedrooms lean towards monochromatism, you can choose to add a splash of colour by having an accent wall.

Alternatively, add indoor plants or hang up your favourite art piece to make your space more inviting. For everything else you don’t want to display, you can keep them hidden in storage solutions.

More FAQ about How to Create a Minimalist Bedroom

What Does a Minimalist Bedroom Look Like?

A minimalist bedroom is a simple and uncluttered space that employs clean lines and a minimal colour palette.

How Do I Make My Bedroom Minimalist?

Declutter, clear your furniture surfaces, find a place for everything in your room and only use and own what you need.

How Big is a Queen-sized Bed?

153cm by 203cm.

How Big is a King-sized Bed?

183cm by 203cm.

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