‘Crazy Taxi’ Is Becoming an Open-World, Multiplayer Game

Crazy Taxi is getting a reboot of epic proportions as the simple arcade game is turning into a open-world, multiplayer AAA game. In a recent YouTube video, uploaded to the Sega Japan channel and translated to English by Automation, the game's developers described the new installment as a large-scale driving game powered by Unreal Engine.

The game will use the classic, chaotic Crazy Taxi style that longtime fans know and love but will also include a massive multiplayer experience and additional new mechanics. The city setting synonymous with Crazy Taxi will get a modern iteration, while a theme park map and motifs inspired by West Coast US style were also hinted at.

The premise of the original game, first released in arcades 25 years ago, was simple but effective, with players taking the role of a taxi driver speeding through the city to deliver their passengers while performing stunts to earn points. The game was released on Dreamcast a year later and went on to achieve massive success with two sequels and multiple spinoffs following.

Sega first teased the Crazy Taxi reboot at The Game Awards in 2023 alongside four other franchise expansions: Jet Set Radio, Shinobi, Golden Axe and Streets of Rage. All five games received a joint teaser trailer that showed the first glimpses of gameplay.

There is currently no release date set for the Crazy Taxi reboot, but stay tuned for more info as it’s made available.