Crayfish Rescued From Dumpster Given New Life at Sydney Aquarium

A crayfish found near a dumpster bin was given a new lease on life after he was rescued and taken to an aquarium in Sydney to be rehomed.

‘Pinchy’ was discovered in a styrofoam box in the city’s Pyrmont area by a waste removal worker during a routine collection run in June, the aquarium said. The freshwater crustacean was then taken to the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium where he made a full recovery and joined other marine creatures in a display at the aquarium a month later.

Daniel Sokolnikoff from SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium said he was pleased the waste removal worker contacted them, “especially after they told us that someone suggested throwing Pinchy in the ocean! This type of cray is called a marron and is a freshwater species, it wouldn’t have survived in the ocean.”

This video shows Pinchy entering the freshwater tank in July. Credit: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium via Storyful

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