Crane Removing Tree Falls on Indiana Home

A crane truck fell onto a home in New Albany, Indiana, while removing a backyard tree, as the homeowner looked on in horror.

Homeowner Heather Parsons-Phillips recorded this video on May 10, and told Storyful she had hired a company to remove a maple tree behind her home.

“They had pulled out one section with no problem. But then they tried to hold onto the whole tree,” she said. “The truck started coming up in the front. They tried to adjust and fix it. Then something snapped in the rear of the truck, and it went over.”

The video shows the truck, with the front wheels in the air, slowly tip over onto the home. No one was injured in the incident, local media said.

According to WHAS, Parsons-Phillips had just had the roof repaired before the incident. Credit: Heather Parsons-Phillips via Storyful

Video transcript


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