Crane and Alligator in 'Spicy' Backyard Faceoff in Florida

A sandhill crane showed an alligator it was not to be messed with, fanning its wings and staring down the predator at the edge of a Florida pond recently.

Mary Hendricks recorded what she called the “spicy” encounter in her backyard in Lithia.

She told McClatchy News the April 28 standoff began when “a young alligator tried exiting the water near a family of cranes that included two parents and their offspring.”

At one point, the clearly unimpressed gator rears up out of the water, but soon is put back in its place.

“I thought it was really fascinating to be able to watch nature play out. I knew the gator was nowhere near close enough to capture the crane. It was just posturing on both sides,” Hendricks said. Credit: Mary Hendrick via Storyful

Video transcript


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