How To Craft Power Cells In Lego Fortnite

Screenshot: Epic / Kotaku
Screenshot: Epic / Kotaku

Vehicles aren’t just in Fortnite’s battle royale. They’re also every minifig’s favorite way to get around in the Lego version of Epic’s hit game, especially if you decide to have a base in each of the biomes so you can grab materials from each different environment. In order to have working vehicles though, you’ll need to have Power Cells to give your cars energy.

Currently, there are a total of three different vehicles you can craft and build in Lego Fortnite, and each one requires a different number of Power Cells. With smaller vehicles, like the four-wheeler, it only requires one cell, and will just need to be replaced when it runs out. Meanwhile, the far more power-hungry big truck hauler will need four Power Cells, and will get slower when one or two run out.

Screenshot: Epic / Kotaku
Screenshot: Epic / Kotaku

How To Craft Lego Fortnite’s Power Cells

It’s a fairly lengthy process to craft a Power Cell, especially at first. But worry not, we’ve got you.

The first thing you’ll need is a Crafting Bench at an Uncommon level, which will then unlock the Power Cell recipe. Done that? Good.

You’ll next need a Compost Bin, as the recipe requires Biomass which can only be made by the machine. In order to craft a Compost Bin, get gathering the following materials:

  • 5 planks of wood

  • 2 soil

  • 1 sand

  • 3 fertilizer

Compost Bin crafted, you will need to put some materials into it so it can make Biomass. The best bet for getting Biomass on the first try is by adding meat into the Compost Bin, which can be easiest gotten from cows. Once the Biomass is done, you want only for glass to finish making your Power Cell. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 6 glass

  • 50 Biomass

Once a Power Cell has been made, all you need to do is walk over to your vehicle and search around the motor. This is where you’ll need to place the Power Cell, and you can stick in however many are needed. Now you’re good to jump behind the wheel and start exploring far more efficiently!

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