Cow comes to pick up calf from "babysitter"

Linda is one of the senior cows in the meadow on this wonderful farm. It's an ethical beef farm in Millbrook, Ontario. The cows here live a wonderful life, roaming many acres of lush, green meadow and exploring forested areas where they have ample shade. They even have ponds full of fresh water to drink from. It's life as close to what nature intended for these gentle beasts. Hope is a spring calf who is just a few days old. She has been exposed to nothing but kindness from the farmers who run this small operation. As with the other cows, this has created trust and she seeks affection from anyone who visits. Hope's mother, Fiona, is an especially friendly cow and her baby has learned that the people here will not harm them. She grazes contentedly nearby as her calf hangs around in the sunshine with Dave, a neighbour who visits and helps on the farm occasionally. But Linda is a protective cow who comes over to see what is happening. Like a nurturing aunt, Linda seems to be telling Hope that it's time to get moving. She moos and waits until Hope follows obediently. Linda seems to be very interested in the other calves in the meadow and she will often come and nudge the little ones in the right direction if they lag too far behind their mothers. It's almost as if she has come to pick up Hope from the babysitter and take her home. Linda has also appointed herself as the peace keeper in the meadow and she will put herself between the other cows if there is any sign of a disagreement. Linda has been on this wonderful farm for more than ten years and she will stay here longer, well into her golden years.