Cow adorably nudges brother along to get his treats

Benny Nigel and Claire are three very happy cows these days, but it wasn't always this way. They all began their lives on typical farms, where they were destined to become food. Benny and Nigel were born just as Covid hit and meat processing plants were scaling back operations. Farms must run as a business and it was an unfortunate truth that these two beautiful souls were no longer worth the food they eating. The farmer could keep them and lose money, or he could euthanize them and cut his losses. Claire was in a similar situation and she was destined for the slaughterhouse. Jennifer and Jim run the Black Dog Farm and Rescue in Texas and they heard what was about to happen to Claire, Benny, and Nigel. They couldn't allow the calves to die so they brought them here. These cows are like giant farm puppies and they are loved and valued here. They are treated more like pets or family members, and their future is a long and happy one. Here, we can see the social dynamics and the friendships that have developed. The cows have personalities that are far more complex and beautiful than most people realize. When it's treat time, Claire actually nudges her brother adorably, seeming to want him to go and get his share. As they gather around the fence, they are as motivated by the affection that is handed out as they are by the crunchy snacks. The cows here learn their names quickly and they come when called. They are eager to interact with the human caregivers. They are also eager to play and interact with each other. This is what happens when a cow is showered with kindness and given the chance to roam and play with enough space and enough food. At this wonderful sanctuary, animals come here to find the help they need, as well as a forever home. Nigel, Benny, and Claire have been here almost a year and they have been soaking up the love and feasting on the ample supply of food. They have learned to trust their humans completely. This sanctuary takes in the most needy animals with the most bleak chances at life. For many, this is their last chance at the life that they deserve. Black Dog Farm can be found on Facebook. They do amazing work, which is only possible with the support of friends, family and other animal lovers. Please check out their page and consider helping them do the work that these little creatures so richly deserve.

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