COVID Survivor Leaves Reno Hospital After 85-Day Stay

A man who spent more than two months in a cardiac intensive care unit (ICU) in Reno, Nevada, after contracting COVID-19 was released on February 21, after 85 days in the hospital, and was reunited with his children, said Renown Health.

Staff at Renown Health’s Cardiac ICU lined a hallway on February 21 to applaud and bid farewell to Fernando, who had been mechanically ventilated for 60 days and placed in a chemically induced coma during his stay.

“For weeks, doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists at Renown worried Fernando wouldn’t recover,” Renown Health wrote. “Fortunately, his fighting spirit prevailed, and even when he was unable to respond to his family or those taking care of him, he made small steps toward recovery.”

Renown said Fernando’s success story had been “particularly touching to the staff” and boosted morale.

“The past year has brought forth unprecedented challenges as Renown care providers have fought to adapt to the changing needs of their patients, hospital, and community,” the company wrote. “At times, the staff felt defeated and uncertain for what would come next. However, as COVID cases decline in our community as well as our hospitals, there truly is no better way to share this renewed sense of hope than through stories like Fernando’s.” Credit: Renown Health via Storyful