COVID April Fool: Belgians' hoax concert problem

Authorities in Brussels are investigating a social media hoax and apparent April Fool's prank over public safety fears, after it invited tens of thousands of people to a massive music festival in a park there...

... a music festival that didn't exist, and would have been illegal if it did exist, because of coronavirus measures banning large gatherings.

The invitation went viral and, as of April 1st, had almost 20,000 sign-ups. It was simply called "La Boum," which means "The Party" in French, and promised DJs, all-night dancing, and appearances by major music celebrities.

The park is already a popular and crowded place. Some people here told Reuters they knew it was a prank. One even said he'd go anyway, as an act of defiance to the police.

Belgium is bracing itself right now for the third wave of coronavirus that is sweeping parts of Europe.

For example, the government has recently ordered hospitals to reserve 60% of their intensive care beds for COVID patients, fearing another flood.

Whoever made the fake party invitation later changed the date to next year.