COVID-19 a very bad gift from China: Donald Trump

Washington D.C. [USA], June 5 (ANI): Coronavirus is 'a very bad gift' from China, said US President Donald Trump on Friday while questioning the reason for the spread of the virus in the rest of the world but not in other areas of China, besides Wuhan.

"COVID-19 is a gift from China. Not good, they should have stopped it at the source. A very bad gift. How come Wuhan, where it started, was in very bad trouble, but it did not go to any other parts of China," said Trump during a press conference.

He said: "China has taken tremendous advantage of the United States; we helped rebuild China; we gave them 500 billion dollars a year. How stupid are the people who represented our country with China and many other countries? But that's all changing."

On May 30, the Trump administration banned some Chinese students and researchers from entering the United States after accusing them of stealing intellectual property, the White House had said in a statement cited by the Chinese state media. (ANI)