COVID-19 vaccine NFT set to auctioned off

STORY: This NFT showcases a mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine

It will hit the auction block at Christies’ in July

The NFT was designed by the University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Drew Weissman

who pioneered the mRNA modification technology

used in the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines

(Craig Carnaroli, Senior Executive Vice President, University of Pennsylvania):

“What's included in the NFT is an incredible animated video that demonstrates how the mRNA platform works, as well as a storyboard that explains what's depicted, but probably most importantly is kind of what it symbolizes, and really, it's a type of modified mRNA that was pioneered here at Penn that really helped pave the way for these certain mRNA based COVID vaccines. And increasingly, it's viewed as one of the world's greatest scientific achievements.”

The auction's proceeds will support research at the University of Pennsylvania

(Peter Klarnet, Christie's New York Vice President)

“The estimate is on request. We strongly believe it'll bring into the low to mid six figures and possibly into the seven figures, considering that the funds will be going to support the mission of Penn Medicine and the work of Drew Weissman.”

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