COVID-19 survivor loses dad the day he's discharged

52-year-old Dario New is lucky to be alive and walk the streets of Buenos Aires, after a near-death experience with COVID-19.

But his 83-year-old father, Alberto, was not as fortunate. The day Dario was discharged from the hospital, his dad -- just two miles away -- passed away from the coronavirus.

DARIO NEW: "He was isolated and we couldn't talk to him, nobody could visit him. We gave a nurse a phone and thanks to him my father could at least hear me..."

When Dario woke up one night in April with a terrible fever, he didn't know his dad was already sick with the virus.

Dario struggled for 13 days and finally turned a corner.

But the night he was discharged, his father's condition worsened. A nurse arranged a phone call for the two of them. It would be the last time they would ever speak.

"I know that my father understood that he did not die alone and that he had family behind him. You may think that lending a phone is a simple gesture, but this was extremely valuable to me in that moment because that person allowed me to say goodbye to my father."

With a pandemic raging on, Dario says his short, distant goodbye was better than nothing, and eventually he wants to personally thank the nurse for the simple gesture of letting him say goodbye.

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