Covid-19 (Oct 3): 9,066 cases, lowest since July 12

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Covid-19 (Oct 3): 9,066 cases, lowest since July 12
Covid-19 (Oct 3): 9,066 cases, lowest since July 12

COVID-19 | The Health Ministry today reported 9,066 new Covid-19 cases, bringing cumulative infections to 2,277,565.

The number of fresh infections today is the lowest in 83 days, since July 12 when the number of new cases was 8,574.

It is the first time in almost three months that fewer than 10,000 cases were registered.

The figures were also the lowest in Johor, Penang, Kelantan, and Perak for around the past two months.

It should be noted that figures for Sunday and Monday might be lower due to slower reporting over the weekend

The fresh infections today comprised 8,496 Malaysians (93.7 percent) and 570 non-citizens (6.3 percent).

They were surpassed by a total of 14,454 Covid-19 patients who recovered today. This is expected to help reduce the number of active cases.

  • Patients in ICU: 835 (815 confirmed; 20 suspected)

  • Intubated: 535 (355 confirmed; 180 probable)

As of today, the number of Covid-19 patients (including suspected ones) in the intensive care unit (ICU) is 20.6 percent lower compared to a week ago.

Those who require intubation have also declined by 7.8 percent from a week ago.

Peninsular Malaysia made up 6,881 of the new cases or 75.9 percent while East Malaysia contributed to 2,185 of the fresh infections or 24.1 percent.

In Peninsular Malaysia, the Klang Valley was responsible for 1,225 or 17.8 percent of the new infections while the remaining 5,656 cases or 82.2 percent came from outside the Klang Valley.

Today's active cases and reported deaths will only be released after midnight. For yesterday's figures, click here.

New cases by states

Sarawak (1,418)
Selangor (1,000)
Johor (981)
Terengganu (827)
Kelantan (796)
Sabah (767)
Kedah (670)
Perak (669)
Pahang (630)
Penang (620)
Malacca (206)
Kuala Lumpur (201)
Negeri Sembilan (191)
Perlis (66)
Putrajaya (24)
Labuan (0)


To date, 1,008 Covid-19 clusters are still active, including six new clusters reported today.

The ongoing clusters have fallen by 14.9 percent from the 1,185 active clusters a week ago.

The six new clusters today comprised three community clusters (50 percent) and three workplace clusters (50 percent).

Kampung Pos Kelang
Category: Community
States: Pahang
District(s): Raub
Initial tests: 25 out of 143 infected (17.5 percent)

Taman Desa Wira
Category: Community
States: Kelantan
District(s): Kota Bharu and Pasir Mas
Initial tests: 15 out of 15 infected (100.0 percent)

Parit Bengkok Tangkak
Category: Community
States: Johor
District(s): Tangkak
Initial tests: 12 out of 18 infected (66.7 percent)

Sawit Bera Selatan
Category: Workplace
States: Pahang
District(s): Bera
Initial tests: 49 out of 289 infected (17.0 percent)

Batu 11 Bukit Pasir
Category: Workplace
States: Johor
District(s): Muar
Initial tests: 25 out of 124 infected (20.2 percent)

Jalan Seneng
Category: Workplace
States: Kelantan
District(s): Bachok
Initial tests: 14 out of 22 infected (63.6 percent)

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