COVID-19 nurse inspires daughter to join the frontline

There can be few families who've been closer to the coronavirus pandemic than the Jocelyn family in England.

Jacqui has been a nurse for 30 years, 20 of those in the intensive care unit at the Royal Blackburn Hospital.

Now she's been joined by her 19-year-old daughter Ruby, a student nurse.

Jacqui's spent much of the past year at the bedside of patients who were dying, but couldn't see their families because of government restrictions.

But her own father ended up in her ward.

Jacqui says he fought a good fight for three weeks, but eventually succumbed to the virus.She's full of praise for her colleagues she describes as "the most amazing you'll ever meet."

And that's one of the reasons her daughter Ruby was inspired to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a nurse instead of pursuing a degree in business and economics.Ruby says her eyes were opened up by the work that's done in the hospitals.

"I can't believe what I see day in, day out" she says.Ruby began her training in September and started helping out in the intensive care ward when her mother said she needed to get some experience "on the shop floor".

What many of the patients need, she says, is a friendly face, and that's what she provides.