Covid-19: Malaysia’s 13 new clusters today recorded 270 cases, including three school clusters in Selangor, Kelantan, Kedah

Ida Lim
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Swab samples to test for Covid-19 are pictured at Dewan Desa Temuan in Kota Damansara January 29, 2021. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri
Swab samples to test for Covid-19 are pictured at Dewan Desa Temuan in Kota Damansara January 29, 2021. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri

KUALA LUMPUR, April 22 — Malaysia recorded 13 new clusters of Covid-19 cases where a total of 270 cases were recorded collectively, with such clusters including factory workers, students and a cluster in the religious-linked category.

Three of the clusters are categorised in the school or educational institutions under the Education Ministry, and are located in the three separate states of Selangor, Kelantan and Kedah, collectively accounting for 94 new Covid-19 cases.

The first cluster is the Kluster Jalan Shah Banting involving an educational institution at Jalan Sultan Suleiman Shah, Banting, Kuala Langat in Selangor, detected via targeted screening of the students and with the first cases detected on April 16. Out of 913 individuals screened so far, 58 have tested positive.

The second cluster is the Kluster Mengkebang involving an educational institution located at Mengkebang, Kuala Krai in Kelantan, with the first case detected on April 10 during the individual’s screening before being warded. As of today, 178 have been screened, with 21 testing positive.

The third of these clusters is the Kluster Dinamik involving students of a school at Jalan Sultanah at Alor Setar, Kedah, with the first case detected on April 21 after a screening of symptomatic individuals. As of today, 32 have been screened with 15 of them testing positive.

The other new clusters identified today include three clusters related to workers of factories or manufacturing companies.

These three factory-related clusters are Kluster Jalan Semtec at the Semenyih Technology Park in Hulu Langat, Selangor with 12 testing positive out of 48 individuals screened so far, Kluster Jalan Industri Mekanikal at Taman Perindustrian Pekan Nenas, Pontian in Johor with seven testing positive out of 119 screened so far and Kluster Kota Sawit in Pekan Kota Kinabatangan, Kinabatangan in Sabah with 14 testing positive out of 194 screened so far.

Apart from these three factory-linked clusters, two other workplace clusters were recorded today, with both involving the staff of public administration centres in Johor and the Klang Valley.

These are Kluster Jalan Skin at Jalan Skin, Kota Kechil, Kota Tinggi in Johor involving the Kota Tinggi and Kulai districts where 105 individuals have been screened so far with 10 testing positive, and Kluster Jalan Salahuddin at Jalan Sultan Salahuddin in Kuala Lumpur and involving Kuala Lumpur’s Kepong and Lembah Pantai health districts, Selangor’s Petaling, Hulu Langat and Gombak districts and Putrajaya, where 59 have been screened including 10 who have tested positive.

Four of the 13 clusters today are community clusters, namely Kluster Jalan Raji in Selangor with 110 individuals screened so far including 42 testing positive, Kluster Sungai Banus in Sarawak where 51 have been screened including 41 who tested positive, Kluster Jalan Pokok Mangga in Melaka with 19 out of 43 screened testing positive, and Kluster Taman Changkat in Perak with 10 out of 41 screened testing positive.

As a whole, the five new workplace clusters collectively recorded 53 cases, while the four community clusters recorded 112 cases.

The 13 clusters also included a religious cluster namely Kluster Kampung Bangkahulu involving Kampung Bangkahulu in Tampin, where 29 individuals have been screened so far including 11 who tested positive.

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