COVID-19: Delhi Police launches tele-advice system for its staff to seek medical advice

New Delhi [India], May 12 (ANI): The Delhi Police on Tuesday started a system of tele-advice which will help them to seek medical advice for themselves and their families from doctors over COVID-19.

This comes after many Delhi police personnel were tested positive for the coronavirus.

"In this system, SHO and unit heads maintain a panel of names of doctors who can give their advice to a Delhi Police personnel through teleconferencing between the SHO/Unit head, Doctor and the police person," said a statement.

The statement said they can seek advice for themselves and for their family which often gets ignored since they are too engrossed in their work.

The medical fraternity has assured their full support for this initiative. "Several doctors who despite working so hard in the frontline have volunteered for the programme."

Nine Delhi Police personnel on May 10 were tested positive for COVID-19. All the cops are of Sultan Puri Police Station under the Outer District of Delhi. (ANI)