COVID-19 cases surging in Alabama, Oklahoma

States like Alabama might be open for business - but it's coming at a high cost: surging coronavirus cases.

According to a Reuters analysis, new cases of COVID-19 nearly doubled in Alabama in the second week of June from the week prior - rising 97% to roughly 5,000 new cases for the week ending on June 14.

And it's not just Alabama - new cases are on the rise in other southern states like South Carolina and Oklahoma - where U.S. president Donald Trump plans to hold an indoor rally on Saturday - despite the state's recent spike.

Trump: "Oklahoma has done very well. I just spoke to the governor. He's very excited about it."

While case numbers in Oklahoma are not as high as in Alabama and South Carolina - the three states are among hot spots throughout the South and Southwest.

Florida is also one of those states.

That prompted Miami's mayor to pause the city's reopening plan - as health officials sounded the alarm.

Miami Mayor: “I want to emphasize that now is not a time to let your guard down."

The U.S. is also hitting a record on testing with more than 583,000 tests done in a single day last week.

Trump: "That's probably the downside of having good testing is you find a lot of cases that other countries who don't even test don't have."

President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence - who is leading the coronavirus response - have both blamed increased cases on more testing.

"If we stopped testing right now, we would have very few cases, if any."

But the percent of people testing positive is also increasing, with Alabama, South Carolina and Oklahoma all seeing the positive test rate increase.