COVID-19: 110 NEW CASES - 3


The number of new positive cases the past few days has seen a downward trend with 125 on Monday, 120 on Tuesday and 117 on Wednesday.

Asked on the yardstick for deciding whether or not to extend the two-week MCO, he said it would be based on the number of deaths and not cases.

"And in our country the number of new cases is beginning to show a flat trend, a good indicator for the control measures and methods taken by the government,” he said.

A breakdown of COVID-19 statistics according to states shows that Selangor has recorded the highest at 223 cases; followed by the Federal Territory (FT) of Kuala Lumpur, 123; Sabah, 112; Johor, 101; and Negeri Sembilan, 56.

Sarawak has recorded 51 cases; Kelantan, 44; Kedah, 40; Perak, 35; Penang and Pahang, 32 each; Melaka, 20; Terengganu, 11; Perlis, 9; FT of Putrajaya, 6; and FT of Labuan, 5.