Courteney Cox Reveals How The Late Matthew Perry Still 'Visits' Her

Courteney Cox has reflected on the death of her friend and former co-star Matthew Perry.

The two actors played Monica Geller and Chandler Bing in the much-loved sitcom “Friends,” with the pair’s on-screen counterparts embarking on a relationship, getting married and starting a family over the course of the show’s 10-year run.

Looking back on her time on “Friends,” Cox told CBS’ “Sunday Morning,” “You didn’t know how special it was. But then when you put this cast together and our incredible writers, it was lightning in a bottle.”

I’m just grateful that I had that opportunity to work with such wonderful people, and to live the life that I have now. That was my family. I mean, we went through everything. Those ten years were everything – they’re my family.

Turning her attention towards Perry – who died in October last year at the age of 54 – the actor said her late co-star “visits me a lot, if we believe in that”.

“I talk to my mum, my dad, Matthew – I feel like there are a lotta people that are, I think, that guide us,” she explained. “I do sense, yeah, I sense Matthew’s around for sure.”

She added that the Canadian-American actor was “probably one of the funniest human beings in the world”, remembering him as a “huge heart” who “obviously struggled”.

“I’m so thankful I got to work so closely with him for so many years,” Cox added.

Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox pictured at the height of Friends' success
Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox pictured at the height of Friends' success NBC via Getty Images

Days after Perry’s death, the five core members of the Friends cast issued a joint statement, saying they were “utterly devastated” by the news.

Each of them later shared more personal individual tributes, with Cox’s centering around her favorite memory of being on set with her on-screen husband.