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Courteney Cox, 59, and Liv Tyler, 46, love this $19 skin-smoothing treatment

Minimize acne, unclog pores, calm redness and more with this top selling daily exfoliant

Exfoliating is an essential skin care step all year round, but it's especially crucial during the summer months when you'll likely spend more time outside in the sun. Slathering on sunscreen, plus added exposure to smog and pollution in the air means your skin is susceptible to build-up. Exfoliation is a key way to keep that in check.

When most people hear exfoliation, they immediately think of a harsh scrub with abrasive particles grating across their skin. Yikes, right? Luckily, there are gentle exfoliators out there that are effective and work for many different skin types. One beloved by celebs like Courteney Cox and Liv Tyler? Dermalogica's top selling Daily Microfoliant, which you can grab at Amazon for less than $20.

This effective exfoliator is made with salicylic acid and papaya enzyme and is gentle enough for daily use. 

$19 at Amazon
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$19 at Ulta Beauty$19 at Nordstrom

Dermalogica has been around since the 1980s when it was founded by skin therapist Jane Wurwand. She first introduced the Daily Microfoliant in 2001 and it's been one of the brand's most popular products since. According to our sources at Dermalogica, shoppers love this product so much that one Daily Microfoliant is sold every 30 seconds! Over on Amazon, more than 6,000 have been purchased in the last month!

So, what makes this affordable skin care staple such a hit? Put simply, it works! The gentle formula is designed to exfoliate even the most sensitive skin without causing redness or breakouts. In addition to ridding the skin of dead cells, dirt and impurities, it also works to smooth and brighten your complexion, plus even out discoloration.

courtney cox liv tyler
Acting isn't the only thing Courtney Cox and Liv Tyler have in common. They both also take great care of their radiant, glowing skin.

Famous fans aside, many real people also rave about this top-rated Dermalogica product. Shoppers on Amazon give it 4.6 out of five stars and more than 75% of the ratings are five-star.

"Gentle on the skin," one shopper titled their review of the product. "I like that it's not as abrasive as I thought. I have mature, sensitive skin. It's fragrance free. Most of all, it's easy to use and my skin is brighter, softer and smoother after use and does not get irritated when applying moisturizer and make-up."

Another satisfied user commented, "Where has this product been my entire life? I’m 50 and have been obsessed with skin care since I was a teen. My current skin care routine includes tretinoin, which makes your skin flaky and if not exfoliated properly. I have tried every spin brush, scrub brush, exfoliator, diamond exfoliation tool, etc. My skin still flaked and showed through my foundation. [I] used this product and it was like I was exfoliating my face for the first time. No flakes, my foundation went on smoother and my face glowed. This will be a part of my new routine."

Still not convinced? One shopper with sensitive skin summarized their experience with the exfoliant like this: "If you want to feel your face smoother than a silk pillowcase and glow like the top of the Chrysler Building, give this a go. Just be warned, you might find yourself addicted to admiring your own reflection! In all seriousness though, this is absolutely amazing."

While there are thousands of satisfied shoppers who use this exfoliant on a regular basis, others have found it's not the best fit for them. Some have said it's actually not abrasive enough for their skin, while others don't love the unique powder formulation.

One person complained, "I was expecting to love this, but its too gentle for me. I guess I should've expected that because it literally says it in its name. I'm just looking for a tad more physical exfoliation than this provided, it hardly does anything at all."

"Kinda messy" another shopper maligned. "This product works, but it’s sort of awkward to use. I much prefer the exfoliating mask that is easy to rub on. This is loose powder, and it gets clumpy in your hands and it’s not very easy to use. I feel like I use a lot more than necessary to feel like I’ve achieved proper exfoliation. For the money, there are better options."

Unlike many exfoliants which tend to be too harsh for most skin types, this product is safe to use on acne-prone skin, sensitive skin and aging skin. Its benefits include minimizing acne, unclogging pores, extracting dirt and oil, calming redness and more.

$19 at Amazon
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$19 at Ulta Beauty$19 at Nordstrom

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