Court officials in Malaysia spooked by paranormal activities

Kuala Lumpur, Mar 17 (ANI): A building in Malaysia that houses at least eight civil courts is deemed to be haunted after court officials claimed to have experienced paranormal activities. A court policeman claimed the ghostly incidents occurred shortly after the courts moved into the towering Menara Cyberport at Jalan Bukit Meldrum, formerly called Menara Sarawak, in January. Senior court officials sought the help of a bomoh to "cleanse" the 30-storey building of "dozens of spirits and ghosts" after a court employee became hysterical when she reportedly saw several apparitions in her office. "A court employee went into hysteria after she 'brushed into' a ghost," the Star Online quoted the policeman as saying. "Several others had also seen ghosts or doors opening or closing on their own," the policeman stated. A court interpreter said many staff members were shaken by such incidents and sought the help of a policeman, who acted as a medium, to get rid of the spirits. Former Johor Bar chairman K. Balarajah admitted he had heard of some strange happenings in the courtrooms, and that the judges had also expressed their uneasiness about the matter. "I received at least three complaints from lawyers about strange occurrences and sightings at the building," he said. "I have been there a few times but have not experienced anything personally," he added. (ANI)