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Shoppers can't get enough of M&S's new giant couples blanket: 'Best purchase of 2023'

M&S just launched a gigantic sleeved blanket for couples and it's perfect for winter. (Marks & Spencer / Yahoo Life UK)
M&S just launched a gigantic sleeved blanket for couples and it's perfect for winter. (Marks & Spencer / Yahoo Life UK)

With summer a distant memory and the autumn chill arriving in full force, Marks & Spencer has released something we have a feeling is going to fly off shelves as the temperature drops: a giant sleeved couples blanket.

Coined a "slanket" by M&S (sleeved blanket), it's made from a super soft teddy fleece and comes with two sets of sleeves, so that you can snuggle up and share the warmth with your partner, while keeping your hands completely free.

Perfect for when you want to cosy up and watch your favourite romcom, it's a must-buy for winter.

Stay cosy and snug with this giant sleeved blanket designed for two people from M&S. 

£50 at M&S

Why we rate it

Very similar to the viral Oodie, it has exactly the same appeal. It's soft to touch, keeps you warm, and has head-to-toe coverage — a feature that not many hooded and sleeved blankets have.

(Marks & Spencer)
Save cranking up your heating and buy this couples slanket instead. It keeps you so warm! (Marks & Spencer)

£49.50 at Marks & Spencer

Currently only available in grey, the dimensions for the blanket measure in at 240cm in width and 180cm in length. That's ample room for you to cuddle up on the sofa with your significant other. Plus, at least 30% of the material used to make the sleeved blanket is recycled.

If that wasn't enough, M&S has also come out with a single version for just £29.50. It comes in the same soft teddy fleece, features a pair of sleeves and is big enough to cover your entire body.

(Marks & Spencer)
It comes in a single version, too, that's equally as cosy. (Marks & Spencer)

£29.50 at Marks & Spencer

It's worth noting that M&S has included a little disclaimer upon buying your slanket, which says: "This product is for sit down use only, product is not intended to be used when moving around." Safety first!

What the reviews say

Although the blanket is still fairly new to M&S, shoppers are already singing its praises.

One shopper said it was "absolutely perfect for the colder evenings", while another commented "actually amazing, ready for cuddling in!"

  • "Best purchase of 2023 - so warm and cosy, absolutely perfect for the colder evenings. Feels like a big hug."

  • "Super cosy, large enough to tuck round both of us and dog on sofa. Love it."

  • "Bought this as a bit of a laugh with my hubby but it’s actually amazing! Super cosy, made of very soft fleece. Perfect for sitting in bed having a cuppa in the morning!"

Shop now: Teddy Fleece Couples Sleeved Blanket | £49.50 from Marks & Spencer

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Shop now: Teddy Fleece Sleeved Blanket | £29.50 from Marks & Spencer

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Marks & Spencer couples blanket is the newest iteration of the very popular Teddy Fleece Hooded Blanket, known as the 'M&S Snuggle', which comes in five colours and has over 600 five-star reviews.

Shoppers have described it as "soft and snuggly", an "essential winter wear" and "the best piece of clothing I've ever bought". One person even said that it's "the best material on the market and made better than anything else out there".

The Teddy Fleece Hooded Blanket is already a M&S best-seller
The Teddy Fleece Hooded Blanket is already a M&S best-seller. (Marks & Spencer)

£25 at M&S