Couples with disabilities marry at mass wedding in India

STORY: Dressed up in traditional Indian attires, couples performed rituals in front of a huge gathering as they got married as per the Hindu tradition.

A grand procession was also taken out during which grooms rode chariots to reach the wedding venue.

"I had never thought that my wedding would take place like this (in a grand manner) but today is the most special day of my life as I am getting married in the same way as other people do," said a groom, Mahesh.

The event was organised to help the people who cannot afford wedding ceremonies. The couples were also given household items as gifts during the programme.

Mass weddings are very popular, especially among the economically backward sections of Indian society, as these reduce the worries of financial implications among the parents or guardians of the brides.

Conventionally, the family of a bride in India is expected to bear the expenses of a lavish wedding and also give 'dowry' to the groom deemed as gifts to the bride which could be in cash or kind.

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