Couple Loses Rings During Wedding Ceremony, Then Two Strangers Let Them Borrow Theirs: ‘They Fit So Perfectly’

“We can never thank those two enough for that," the couple told CNN of the kind gesture



A couple who had lost their rings during their wedding ceremony were able to borrow replacements — all thanks to the kindness of strangers.

Calivé and Shannon Jackson from Trinidad and Tobago, decided to elope together in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico on Dec. 14, 2023 — a plan that was a year in the making.

“Shannon and I were so unbelievably nervous,” Jackson recalled to CNN. “We were suddenly in the moment, shocked that we were really there and about to get married. So naturally everything was a blur.”

It appeared to be going smoothly and the two even exchanged emotional vows before they came upon a hiccup in the ceremony. The officiant asked for the rings to seal their marriage, but they were nowhere to be found, the couple told the outlet.

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“Everything paused all at once then, everyone started looking; us, our wedding planner, our officiant,” Jackson recalled. “Someone ran back to our room and still didn’t find them, we searched our photographer’s backpack and didn’t find them either.”

In the midst of the flurry, other vacationers at the resort began to notice what was happening. One Argentinian couple approached them to see how they could help.

“They came over and were so excited for us, crying almost as hard as we were,” the couple told CNN. After telling the couple what had happened with the lost rings, they offered to let the bride and groom borrow their own wedding rings for the ceremony. The couple agreed and got back to their places.

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“We didn’t think [the rings] would fit,” the couple said. “But they fit so perfectly it felt like some kind of magic.”

Their photographer Ezequiel Marcellini captured the moment the exchange happened, and the Jacksons shared the photos, along with a brief summary of what happened in a post on X (formerly known as Twitter). Calivé and Shannon told CNN that they never got the name of the couple who helped them out, but they were thankful to them for everything.

“We are beyond grateful. Our wedding day was already special because we were there to celebrate our love, our happiness, the home we built with each other and we thought we were there alone,” they told CNN.

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“But it turns out we weren’t,” they added. “People celebrate wherever love is, and we got to share our moment with so many people that were so happy for us. We can never thank those two enough for that.”

The couple told the outlet that they were eventually able to find their wedding rings at the bottom of an equipment bag, but that the loss of the rings made it all the moment all the more special.

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