Couple Help Ducklings Out of Pool by Placing Life Vest on Ledge

A couple of good Samaritans gave a helping hand to ducklings struggling to get out of a swimming pool on April 10.

John Kubiak said that he and his wife were walking past a pool at The Villages, in Sumter County, Florida, when they saw a mother and her baby ducks swimming in the water.

Some of the ducklings were struggling to get back out of the pool, which is when the couple decided to intervene.

“My wife had the idea to place a life vest on the edge of the pool that they could jump up onto. I walked towards the ducks so they would move in the direction of the life vest,” Kubiak told Storyful.

“The plan worked and they figured out how to use the vest to jump out,” he said. Credit: John Kubiak via Storyful