Which countries are offering vaccine for monkeypox?

STORY: Which countries are offering a vaccine for monkeypox?

There isn't a specific vaccine for monkeypox

but the WHO says vaccines that were used to eradicate smallpox

are up to 85% effective against monkeypox

(Hans Kluge, WHO regional director for Europe)

“There currently are limited amounts of vaccines and antivirals for (monkeypox), and limited data on their use. Mass vaccination is not recommended or needed at this time. Targeted vaccination, either before or after exposure to the virus can benefit contacts of patients, including health care workers. Yet, we’re already seeing a rush in some quarters to acquire and stockpile these.”

These countries have started offering or stockpiling vaccines:

The EU signed an agreement with Danish biotech company Bavarian Nordic

for about 110,000 Imvanex shots, known as Jynneos in the U.S.

Britain has procured more than 20,000 doses, also from Bavarian Nordic

Denmark said it would receive 200 monkeypox vaccines from the Netherlands

and was working on buying thousands more

Canada signed a $56 million contract with Bavarian Nordic

with deliveries starting next year

The U.S. government said it expects to receive 300,000 doses of the Jynneos vaccine

to be added in its current stockpile of about 72,000 doses

Bavarian Nordic said the U.S. had made an additional order for 500,000 doses

which together brings the country's total inventory to nearly 2 million

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